Radford's Big Dance ticket means big bucks for area bars

Radford's Big Dance ticket means big bucks for area bars (Photo: Annie Andersen)

RADFORD, Va. (WSET) -- It was one for the history books- Radford sunk a 3-pointer at the buzzer, winning the game and crushing Liberty's hopes.

Just thinking about the win, Edward Polite, the team's Power Forward, smiled, saying "Us winning like that, off a buzzer beater is just crazy."

(Travis Fields, Point Guard, Sophomore, Radford University)

His teammate, Point Guard, Travis Fields agreed saying he was "Still coming down from it this morning, still remembering the whole game."

Winning the game meant Radford won the Big South Tournament. But even more than that- it means for the first time in 9 years- Radford is headed to the NCAA tournament.

(David Boyden, Assistant Coach, Radford University)

"It was one of those shots March is made of," said Assistant Coach David Boyden.

Boyden has been to the Big Dance as a player, but this will be his first time as a coach. He remarked, "Seeing those guys get to experience it, being able to join the ride with them, you know, going to the NCAA tournament, that's way more gratifying that me playing in one."

Over at Sharkey's Wing and Rib Joint, staff is arguably just as excited about the win as the team.

"Just the way it ended was really exciting. This place erupted. It was really cool," said manager and bartender Tommy Peters.

He's already counting down the days until the Big Dance. Smiling, he said "We're just looking forward to having an exciting environment in here and everybody piling in, packing the place and I know for that game you'll be able to feel the floor shaking and that will be awesome."

And with that- wallets shaking as well. Peters said, "Obviously people in the door is good for us."

Radford players say they hope to help build business, not just for the first round, but for all the rounds.

"Man, that would be crazy. But that's the plan, but that would be crazy if we got that," said Fields.

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