Q and A about Irma... what you can expect in Virginia and travel plans

Virginia... heaviest rain from Irma falls Tuesday. 

Here are your most popular questions about Hurricane Irma. If you don’t see your question on here, just ask! We’re here to help— George


Q) What local (Lynchburg/Danville/Roanoke) impacts will we have from Irma?
A) Clouds, rain and breezy conditions. No major problems are expected across Virginia. No major flooding will occur here.

Q) How much rain will we get?
A) 0.5"” to 3” totals will be common with the higher amounts toward the mountains. No major flooding is expected.

Q) When does the rain arrive here?
A) The outer rain bands will gradually creep up into Virginia by Monday night. Most of the rain falls Tuesday. A few showers will linger daily into the weekend.

Q) Will we have power outages?
A) Nothing widespread. I wouldn’t rule it out as we’ll have wind gusts of 30 to 40 mph as a few tree limbs could fall into power lines, and that's typical of wet, breezy weather.


Q) I have to drive to North Carolina on Monday and Tuesday. It is safe?
A) You should be good, just be prepared to drive in rain. Rain spreads into North Carolina on Monday.

Q) My family wants to go the beach. Are Virginia Beach/Hatteras/Surf City/Myrtle Beach safe?
A) You don’t want to be at a NC or SC beach on Monday or Tuesday. Gusty wind and heavy rain on Monday. Lingering showers Tuesday. Virginia Beach gets rain Tuesday— no big problems.

Q) I’m supposed to fly from Lynchburg to Charlotte. Will flights be canceled?
A) I would anticipate delays and possibly a few cancellations at CLT on Monday. We won’t have any major flight problems from LYH, though your flight will be more bumpy than usual due to the wind.

Q) Is it safe to travel to Georgia?
A) Georgia and the Atlanta area will have tropical storm conditions Monday afternoon and night. Flights likely cancelled. 5 to 10" rain totals across the state. The state will avoid widespread structural damage as the wind will be below hurricane force.

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