Puppy hurt during tornado taken care of by local veterinarian


LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- This entire week, we've told you heroic stories involving people helping people after a tornado tore through our area.

People have also been helping those who aren't able to help themselves.

Like, Amos.

The Lynchburg Humane Society says people brought Amos in after the tornado hit Timberlake Road.

He was walking near a home and was severely injured.

When Amos arrived at the shelter, the staff vet took a look at him and realized he had a broken femur.

The humane society says they couldn't do the surgery there, so they sent him to Peaks View Animal Hospital.

"Dr. Henry with Peaks View Animal Hospital offered to do the surgery for free for us in consideration of how severe the break was. It was a really nice gesture and huge financial help to us," said Makena Yarbrough with the Lynchburg Humane Society.

Yarbrough says to make sure you take your pets with you to your basement or safe space during severe storms.

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