Protesters seek transparency from GOP leaders on gun control

Protest organizers say bloody handprints draped on this canvas represent the 58 Las Vegas Massacre victims and countless others killed in gun violence. (Photo: WSET)

ROANOKE, Va. (WSET) -- Protesters camped outside of the Republican Campaign headquarters to get answers about the issues of guns and gun violence.

Protesters with Roanoke Indivisible and Blue Ridge Coalition Against Gun Violence said they take issue with the NRA and the Republican candidates who back it.

They are speaking out against what they call a lack of transparency from Republican candidates.

The NRA Political Victory Fund conducted a survey on gun laws, asking candidates to complete the questionnaire. According to protesters, gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie, Lt. Gov. candidate Jill Vogel and Attorney General candidate John Adams refuse to share their answers.

"The voters deserve to know just as much as the gun lobby knows. They made the gun lobby promises in their surveys, and we the voters deserve to have the same information," said Catherine Koebel, organizer of the protest.

Koebel shared that knowing the answers could influence how people vote.

According to the organizers, bloody hand prints draped on a canvas represent the 58 Las Vegas massacre victims and countless others killed due to gun violence.

Getting an "A" on the survey means the candidates support guns in schools, allowing concealed weapons with no permit, and expanding Stand your ground laws.

While there was no immediate response from the NRA or any candidates, organizers say they will continue to spread their message and get other groups on board.

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