Pre-K students receive vision screenings through Lion's Club

Vision Screenings for students at Grove Park Pre- K

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) --On Monday, students at Grove Park Pre School had their vision tested through a partnership with Lion's Club.

Lion Club provided the screenings through Conexus. Sheriff Mike Mondul is the President of Lion's Club.

Mondul said 79% of juvenile delinquents have impaired vision, so it's important for kids to get screened early.

They screened 90 four year olds in one hour.

Typically the eye tests are given through the nurse at the school, but the technology allows this company to work much faster.

"If they are having trouble seeing up close, or having trouble seeing far away they cant always tell us that because they're four. We know that if children aren't always seeing the things they need to see, that really impact their learning," said Rhonda Wright, the Principal of Grove Park Pre-K.

Wright added she hopes to continue this community partnership with Lion's club.

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