Popular wedding venue's future unknown


    EVINGTON, Va. (WSET)-- A popular wedding venue's future is in the air. Sorella Farms in Evington goes up for auction on Friday and right now, they don't know if it will continue to be a wedding venue.

    "That was the first thing we booked was the venue, because I felt like everything else had to go off of the venue," Elizabeth Cashman said.

    She booked her wedding there about eight months ago.

    "That's been my vision for the last 8 months. That had been what I had pictured myself getting married in," Cashman told ABC 13. "So, having to adjust my vision, having to adjust my plan has been hard."

    Signs are now outside the wedding venue property telling people it goes up for auction Friday. The new owner could keep and honor the weddings or choose to cancel them.

    For Cashman, the unknown forced her to get her money back and look at other options.

    "All of them had said they had heard about what was happening. Their hearts went out to us. They had been in contact with other brides," Cashman said.

    It threw Cashman into a panic trying to find a new place. She knows October is a popular time for weddings with the fall colors.

    "Were we going to be able to keep our date? Were we going to have to change our date? All of our vendors were booked and reserved," Cashman told ABC 13.

    She and her fiance found a new venue for their planned date.

    "No matter where we get married, it's still going to be beautiful. We're going to have a beautiful venue," Cashman said with a smile.

    We reached out to both of Sorella Farms' owners Monday. One did not answer and the other says she can't say anything until after Friday but did tell us there was a dispute between the two of them.

    Here is auction information.

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