Poplar Forest to temporarily close this winter for ceiling work

Poplar Forest (File- WSET)

FOREST, Va. (WSET) - Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest will temporarily close this winter.

Crews will be working to re-plaster the ceilings.

Officials with Poplar Forest say two pieces of plaster recently fell, leading to the decision to re-plaster them to ensure safety for visitors.

“When the ceilings and walls were plastered in 2003, the plaster was put onto old recovered split lath strips nailed to the underside of the ceiling joists,” said Travis MacDonald, Poplar Forest's Director of Architectural Restoration. “We’ve been advised to use newly split wood laths that are still a little green.”

The wood lath, mixed lime putty and sand, and goat hair will be shipped to Poplar Forest in a container from England, and be put up by Henry Orton, a British craftsman.

Officials say the work will start in January, and will have three stages.

Poplar Forest will re-open to the public on Thursday, March 15.

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