Police preparing for possible confederate rally in Richmond

Police preparing for possible confederate rally in Richmond at the Robert E. Lee monument on Monument Avenue (Photo: CNN Newsource)

RICHMOND, Va. (WSET) -- Richmond Police are preparing for a possible Confederate rally.

The group called "The New Confederate States of America" is trying to hold a rally on September 16.

"It scares me to death. I don't want to have a war and the thing that happened in Charlottesville looked like the beginning of a war to me. And I don't want to live in some place where we are having a war. That war got over 150 years ago," said Linda Bergh, a Richmond resident, to WTVR.

The Confederate group is from Tennessee and is calling it a "Protect the Statue" rally, hoping to march on Monument Avenue.

Sources said police have intel that the group will attract the opposition in the form of Antifa, an activist group that has made headlines for acts of violence, especially toward the media.

"I can't predict the behavior of the community," said Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham.

Chief Durham said he did promise a lawful assembly and added that people living along Monument Avenue deserve a peace of mind.

"Our residents and city who want to come and assemble and express their first amendment rights, we don't have problems with them. If you look at history, most recent history of these protests, it's folks from the outside and not locals. Our citizens love this city and appreciate this city. They have the right to assemble. But we don't want them thinking they have the right to come here and create havoc and then leave," Chief Durham said.

Organizers said they were denied a permit for the rally, but plan to go ahead with it anyway.

The event would be held near the monument of Confederate Robert E. Lee.

City Council said one member is proposing its removal on Monday.

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