Police: Nearly 6 lbs weed, synthetic marijuana, crack, firearms seized from Danville home

(Danville Police Department)

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- The Danville Police Department said as part of their focus on preventing gang and drug related violence, they got information that led to multiple search warrants being obtained for a home on Arlington Road.

Police said officers served the search warrants on Wednesday, March 14 at the home in the 700 block that led to a very large seizure.

Officers took 5.75 pounds of marijuana, 4.16 pounds of K 2 synthetic marijuana, multiple individually packaged "rocks" of cocaine in crack form, $2,600 in cash, five firearms, including an AK pistol in 7.62 X 39 and an M11 style .9m pistol, nine high capacity magazine, including a 100 round drum magazine, and 350 rounds of ammunition.

Police said one of the weapons was reported stolen from Halifax County.

Captain Dennis Haley said they arrested a wanted person at the scene, but more people could be arrested soon.

"We expect multiple people to be indicted at a later date," he said. "The weapons are going to be sent out for testing as well as the controlled substance that were that were seized."

He said Danville Police are trying to stop gun violence before it has a chance to take place.

"We know that it's associated with gangs, we know that it's associated with drugs, and we're focusing our efforts in these areas to try to cut down on the amount of gun violence, at the same time, get these weapons off the street," Capt. Haley said.

He said right now nothing indicates this is gang related, but detectives are looking into it.

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