Police: Juvenile student charged with bringing loaded handgun to Tunstall High School


PITTSYLVANIA Co., Va. (WSET) - A Tunstall High School student has been charged with bringing a gun to school.

The Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office said administrators found out that a student may have had a handgun on the school's campus so they contacted the school resource officer and the student was located and taken to the office.

After a search, police say a loaded handgun was found inside the student's locker by the school resource officer.

Police say the student was taken into custody without incident.

The juvenile student has been charged by petition from the Pittsylvania County Juvenile Court with one count of unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon, one count of knowingly and intentionally possessing a firearm while under the age of 18, and one count of unlawfully and feloniously carrying about his person, a firearm, while on school property, which is a Class Six felony.

Police say the juvenile was taken to the W.W. Moore Detention Center in Danville until further order of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

Officer say there were no injuries reported.

The Sheriff’s Office said they and School administrators were in constant contact during the incident. In addition to the criminal charge the juvenile is facing disciplinary action by the Pittsylvania County School Board.

The investigation is ongoing.

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