Pittsylvania County celebrates 250 years

It's their 250th anniversary.

PITTSYLVANIA CO., Va. (WSET) - This year Pittsylvania County celebrates 250 years! On Saturday there are big plans to recognize this milestone.

"It will start out in the morning with several of the historical sites," Chatham First Co-Chair, Bill Black explains. "The Pittsylvania County Historical Society will be having docents at places like the 1813 clerk's office."

"I think it means a lot, especially for Americans to know their history and to have an appreciation for the common consensus that binds us together as Americans," Delegate Les Adams says. "Pittsylvania County's history is a great lesson for that."

The count is a place many say they're proud to call home. "It is a very rural county, and I love it," Black says.

Residents will celebrate the county's rich history at places like the History Research Center and Museum. "There is a good exhibit there on the county's part in World War I."

The day's main events will take place in Chatham, celebrating the old, like the county courthouse and the origin of their name, Pittsylvania County, which comes from William Pitt.

"William Pitt was known as a proponent of American liberties as a prime minister in England and as a senator in England," Adams explains.

It's also about what's happening now. Restaurants have opened recently, a new town banner will be unveiled Saturday, and a new community herb garden will be opened.

"I think the community is a vibrant community and I think that it's growing," says Black.

With 250 years down, there's many more to go. Adams hopes the future includes families growing in the region, just like how the county is growing.

"I do think the best days are ahead."

CLICK HERE for a full schedule of the events.

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