Pipeline Protesters Rally At McAuliffe Speech In Roanoke

    "Call it off, McAuliffe!"

    It's not exactly the greeting Governor Terry McAuliffe had hoped for outside Hotel Roanoke.

    Nearly 100 people showed up to voice their displeasure with his support of two natural gas pipelines. Among them is David Trible, a resident of Bent Mountain, who says "We don't appreciate his pushing the natural gas pipeline. He's certainly a proponent of it, though he campaigned on a green platform."

    Carolyn Reilly agreed, saying today's rally was necessary, given the way the approval process has gone so far. "We don't feel like the Federal Government is listening to us." said Reilly. She continued by saying officials on state and federal levels are ignoring what residents along the pipeline routes are saying. Reilly notes "There are thousands of letters that have been written, opposing the pipeline for a myriad of reasons."

    They're also fighting surveyors having access to their property. In October, representatives from EQT, the company behind the Mountain Valley Pipeline, told ABC-13 they have to survey to determine the best route. That isn't good enough for David Trible, who has denied surveyors access to his land. "You're going to have to go through the proper channels to get access to this property; we're not going to just hand over access. We don't believe in this project." said Trible.

    The Governor didn't publicly acknowledge cameras or the protesters. But Carolyn Reilly says she and those who join her will continue their fight, saying "It is not a done deal. There is still time for McAuliffe to call it off. And we are important, we do have a voice, and we should be heard."

    In a statement to ABC-13, the governor's office said McAuliffe supports the pipelines because he says they will bring cheap energy, new jobs and more economic activity to Virginia. But he also says he's hopeful the companies responsible will work to minimize the impacts on property owners.

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