Picturesque proposal: Couple seeks photos, videos of their mountaintop memory

(MJJ Photography)

CATAWBA, Va. (WSET) - One couple got engaged on top of the world, and now, they're looking for any photos or videos taken by bystanders.

Ashley Goad says she and her now fiance Brandon White hiked McAfee Knob on November 11.

When they reached the top, he popped the question.

Goad says there were a lot of people at the summit, recording videos and taking pictures with their phones.

She wrote on her Facebook she's been looking through various hashtags on Facebook and Instagram to find them.

Goad says McAfee Knob was the first hike she and Brandon did together when they started dating about seven years ago.

She says he chose November 11, 2017 as the date because 17 is her lucky number and she always says "it's 11:11, make a wish!"

If you have one of the photos or videos, contact Ashley Goad on Facebook here.

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