Petco to close in Danville, city looks to bring in new business

Petco in Danville is offering major sales ahead of its closure on January 12th (WSET)

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- Jenny McFarling has been working at the Petco in Danville for almost four years as a pet stylist. In that time, she's grown to love her clients and their pets. When she heard the store was closing, she was devastated.

"I cried. I love Petco,” McFarling said, “I love the people that I work with here, I love the people that come in here. We're one big family."

Petco had a 10-year lease at the current location on Holt Garrison Parkway. Store Leader Alex Brummett said he recently found out the company will not renew the lease and the store will close its doors on January 12th. He said he was not given a reason for this decision.

"Petco as a company is not closing,” Brummett said, “What we are choosing to do is not renew the lease at this location."

Petco is the most recent big box store to leave Danville - following KMart in January, Toys “R” Us in July, and Sears in August. Danville City Manager, Ken Larking, said he reached out to Petco about the decision not to renew the lease and has not heard back yet. While he doesn't know what led Petco to that decision, he said the other store closings aren't because businesses wanted to leave Danville specifically.

"In the case of Sears, Toys “R” Us, and Kmart, those are really national issues,” Larking said, “Toys “R” Us closed everywhere, they aren't open anywhere, so we're just a victim of circumstance."

Larking said the city has been working to keep businesses here and to bring in new ones. He said the city has been looking at data to see where people are going to shop, outside of Danville's city limits, and hopes to bring some of those stores to the area.

Employees at the Danville Petco location don't know what they'll be doing for employment going forward. In the meantime, McFarling plans to give her customers the best possible service until the store closes for good.

"I'm trying to get my regular customers in until I can figure out what to do next,” McFarling said.

In a statement to ABC13 News, Petco confirmed the closing of the Danville location:

"After 10 years of service to the Danville community, the Petco location at 145 Holt Garrison Pkwy will close its doors in early January 2019. Petco thanks the pet parents of Danville for their patronage throughout the years and hopes they will continue to consider Petco first for all of their pets’ needs."

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