Patrick County couple at Route 91 Harvest Festival, "Our reaction was let's survive"

Travis Sizemore and Melissa Wall survived the Route 91 Harvest Festival massacre in Las Vegas last Sunday. (Photo courtesy: Melissa Wall)

PATRICK Co. Va, (WSET) -- A couple from Patrick County is still shaken after last week's mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Travis Sizemore and Melissa Wall made the choice to attend the Route 91 Festival last Sunday night.

"We decided to go on Sunday just to experience new music and new musicians that we never seen preform before, but definitely not the way that we thought it would turn out," Wall said.

They said they had a spot about 70 feet from the stage.

"They had the jumbo-trons where you could see and everybody's just having an amazing time... then we heard pow! pow! pow!" Wall recalled.

She said everyone at the concert was confused as to what was happening until the rapid fire began.

They said that's when they began to run. "It all happened so fast you really didn't have time to process much it was more just reaction so our reaction was let's survive and let's run," Sizemore said.

Wall said she called her mother while they were trying to find safety, " I really thought that it was my last moments... and I wanted her to know that I loved them and to take care of my kids."

Wall and Sizemore shared they finally got to safety at the MGM Grand Hotel where a few ladies they met in the elevator let them stay in their room until morning.

"We are so blessed to be alive," Wall said.

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