Parents concerned after mold found in food at Halifax County High School

(Latasha Monique)

HALIFAX Co., Va. (WSET) -- One student had a moldy surprise during lunch on the first day at a school in Halifax County.

Several parents and students sent their concerns about what is being served in the cafeteria at Halifax County High School.

One parent sent video of mold found in her daughter's apple juice during lunch.

Another parent shared a photo of what she said was mold found in her carrots on the first day of school.

Superintendent Dr. Mark Lineburg said the school serves nearly 8,000 meals a day and that these things happen on occasion.

"I don't know if its possible to get by cafeteria staff," he said when asked how something like this could get by the cafeteria staff. "This looks to me like it was inside of a juice container. It's no different than buying a juice container at Walmart or any other convenience store and, on occasion, when you open it up it might be something in there."

Dr. Lineburg said he's sorry this happened and they reported the issue to their service provider Sodexo on Thursday.

For now, the school has stopped serving the apple juice packs and school officials are encouraging parents to contact them whenever they see these types of issues.

One parent said she and other parents plan to protest outside the high school on Monday morning.

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