Over 90 headstones at pet cemetery vandalized


HENRICO Co., Va. (WSET) - Over 90 headstones at a pet cemetery have been overturned or broken.

According to WRIC, vandals caused thousands of dollars in damage in the small Henrico cemetery sometime over the past week.

People are now asking why someone would do that.

Marsha Rodgers buried her dog Snowball in the cemetery in 2009.

Rodgers told WRIC she's horrified by what the vandals did, which included tossing a flower arrangement from Snowball's grave.

“It was heartbreaking. I can’t believe someone would do this," she told WRIC.

"How disrespectful can you be? What kind of person thinks this is funny? Or right? I mean that's wrong," she added.

Rodgers suspects kids in the neighborhood might be to blame.

She told WRIC she hopes people in the community will come forward if they saw anything suspicious.

Henrico County Police are also investigating this incident.

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