'Our Father's House' helping men recover from addiction, transition into a bright future

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    LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Former drug and alcohol addicts have a new place to call home and get the help they need.

    The goal is to help people heal from the inside out.

    The house looks like and ordinary Vista Acres neighborhood home from the outside, but insider there are lessons of healing and transitioning by lending a helping hand.

    They call it Our Father's House, a Christian-based non-profit transitioning men recovering from drug and alcohol addition into a brighter future.

    "It's a great area," Jason Grantham, a resident, said. "Been able to find work and just continue striving with the Lord."

    Grantham is a recovering heroin addict.

    He's preparing for a fresh start with his 5-year-old son in mind.

    "This program is helping me become a better father and mending the relationship with him and his mother," Grantham said.

    Father and son, Jeff and Zachary Hodge opened Our Father's House.

    The former addicts say they're glad to help others.

    "I really wanted to help this stepping stone that we need here in Lynchburg for men after they come out of programs," Zachary Hodge said.

    "Seeing the impact on men's lives... seeing relationships being rebuilt and restored," Jeff Hodge said.

    The home has already reached its capacity of eight men, and they are now making plans to expand.

    "Changing men's lives," Andy Rippel, former house manager and current board member, said. "We see them doing better, we see the restoration of relationships. My own case, reuniting with my wife."

    The group hopes to create more reunions in the future.

    The group says one of their greatest joys is the quote, "Seeing God's work firsthand."

    You can learn more about Our Father's House here.

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