Organization works to keep pedestrians safe in sidewalk-less Ridgeway

Route 87, which doesn't have any sidewalks for pedestrians (WSET).

RIDGEWAY, Va. (WSET) -- Citizens in Ridgeway say they’re always in constant risk when they go for a walk.

On streets such as Morehead Avenue, there are miles of road but no sidewalks.

Once you get to Main Street, there are a few sidewalks, but some of them are incomplete.

“They fly up and down that road like it’s a race track,” Emily Dupree, a concerned resident, said.

“The cars go zip zip zip” down the road," Elizabeth Franklin-Webber, a daily walker, said.

To combat this issue, residents have organized a group called “Photovoice.”

“There are a lot of trucks and a lot of traffic with a very small area to walk so it can be dangerous," Jane Predmoore, a “Photovoice” member, said.

This organization is working with VDOT to get funding to make Ridgeway a safer place for pedestrians.

The current objective for “Photovoice” is to see sidewalks all along Route 87 and a crossing light put up on Church Street.

Currently, they are in the process of creating a Transportation Alternative Project with VDOT and locating a consultant who can design a sidewalk plan.

“The Whole purpose of this is to get connected so people can get from one place to another safely,” Predmoore said.

Although Predmoore says she doesn’t know of any accidents to date, she believes “they’re just waiting to happen.”

VDOT officials says the town must have their application in by Fall 2019, including a design plan and funding, before they can move forward.

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