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Registrar's office educates the Absentee Ballot Voter on the Southside

104 year old, Maggie Edwards, casts her Absentee Ballot vote on Saturday
104 year old, Maggie Edwards, casts her Absentee Ballot vote on Saturday
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DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) --- Saturday marks 10 days until election day. This Saturday, was one of two Saturdays that Virginians could cast their absentee ballot vote.

But voters must have a qualifying reason.

Peggy Petty has been a staple of the Registrar's office for over three decades. This is her 9th Presidential election election cycle.

This year, she has a few morsels of information she is letting residents know.

Petty said, "Virginia you have to have a reason to vote absentee."

Unlike North Carolina.

"With our neighboring state, North Carolina, having early voting which is just show up to vote at a vote center for no reason so you don't have to go to the polls. Virginia is not like that."

Early voting is different than Absentee voting.

Darren Coke, a Danville Resident, plans to cast his ballot as an absentee voter, "I'm gonna come in and vote early as I'm going to be out of town on election day."

That is one of the 19 justifications you may have to cast an absentee ballot early.

Cesario Rodriguez, a first time voter, works 11 hour shifts at his job.

Rodriguez said, "I have to work and I have to support my family."

Another reason he will be able to cast his absentee vote prior to election day.

And for the first time during a Presidential Election...

Petty said, "All the voter have to show a picture ID."

104 year old Maggie Edwards did not have a valid picture ID when she showed up to cast her ballot.

So, the Registrar's office was able to take a voter's ID picture in the office.

"Are you exciting to be voting today?" Edward was asked. "Yes mam," said Edwards.

Edwards, like so many others, is thankful for the opportunity to be able to come in on a Saturday, to be apart of history.

The Registrar's office does expect a heavier turn out next Saturday.

Danville residents have until Tuesday, November 1st at 5pm to hand in an absentee ballot voting application by mail.

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The last day to walk in for absentee voting is next Saturday, November 5th.

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