One month later: Families face long-term recovery from April 15 tornado

A foundation that once held a house was leveled during last month's tornado in Elon (WSET).

ELON, Va. (WSET) -- The families and neighborhoods affected by the April 15 tornado are starting the recovery process, but it's going to take time.

The community has made a lot of progress getting rid of debris thrown around by the storm.

With a long road ahead, it's their spirit that's carrying them on.

"This place looked like a war zone," Kelly Urbani, a tornado survivor, said.

Some tornado victims just feel lucky to have each other.

"April 15th of course when the storm came, my husband and I were unaware that actually the storm was coming this way," Urbani said.

When Urbani and her husband saw the winds change that dark night, "Immediately I knew that we were in trouble," Urbani said.

That night, they headed for their basement.

"When we came up, we just couldn't believe it," Urbani said. "We couldn't believe the devastation we saw."

From the outside, it appeared their home was okay. But, in reality it wasn't salvageable, Urbani said.

That night was just a small part of their story, now it's about recovery.

"They were expecting a few weeks," Urbani said. "It only took a few days to actually get the cleanup done."

Their property looks completely changed from what it did immediately after the storm.

"It looks tremendously different from what it did last month," Urbani said.

Urbani gave a few reasons as to why they were able to accomplish so much in just a month.

"Unity and brotherhood," she said. "Because it did not matter what you look like or where you come from or what your background was, everyone was pitching in to help everyone."

Once filled with debris and devastation, this community now has new life.

"I see a return of spirit and hope for people," she said.

The people who live in Elon say there are still a lot of needs for help even though they are doing better.

The county administrator says the long-term recovery group is meeting again this week to see where they go from here.

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