Officials warn you to stay out coastal waters in Florence aftermath

    Water flooding in the Town of Emerald Isle (Town of Emerald Isle Facebook)

    NORTH CAROLINA (WSET) -- Officials with the North Carolina Coastal Federation and the state of North Carolina are encouraging people to stay out of coastal waters for the time being.

    Large amounts of polluted runoff are still flowing into coastal waterways.

    It's mainly impacting areas of the coast that were hit by heavy rains from Hurricane Florence.

    Groundwater levels are at record highs as a result of up to 30 inches of rainfall that fell within a few days.

    Water officials said the runoff contains elevated levels of bacteria and other pollutants that come from natural and human sources.

    The manager of the National Carolina Recreational Water Quality Program said that excessive rains and flooding can cause high levels of bacteria in the water that can make you sick.

    If you are concerned about a water quality advisory check the live map of areas that are under advisories.

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