Officials: Do not approach Halifax Co. stabbing suspect

(Blue Ridge Regional Jail)

PITTSYLVANIA Co., Va. (WSET) - The Pittsylvania County Sheriffs Office still continues to search for Antone Lemont Hamlett.

On Wed., Nov. 15th, 2017 a resident reported to the sheriffs office about an unknown male suspect on their property in North Eastern Pittsylvania County that apparently matched the behavior of Hamlett.

Pittsylvania County and Halifax Sheriffs Offices with the assistance from Virginia State Police, Danville Police Department, Virginia Department of Game and inland fisheries, all searched the immediate area and believe this sighting was consistent with Hamlett.

Police urge residents to secure their homes, outbuildings, campers, unattended vehicles, and any type of structure that may provide shelter for Hamlett especially in the North Eastern section of Pittsylvania County.

Those who are hunting wildlife in the area to also secure their vehicles and urge hunters not to leave any firearms unattended in their vehicles.

They also remind people that anyone who provides any assistance to Hamlett will be prosecuted.

If you see Hamlett do not approach him, just call 911. There is up to a $1000 reward that is being offered from the Pittsylvania Co. Crime Stoppers for any information that can lead to Hamlett's arrest and conviction.

Call 434-432-7931 or 911.

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