Officials: Cave Spring HS put on modified lockdown after unconfirmed social media threat

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    Roanoke County Police is continuing to investigate, but have been unable to verify that a threatening message existed.

    Therefore, the modified lockdown was lifted.

    Cave Spring High School students attending BCAT will soon return to the high school. As a precaution, the police will maintain an increased presence at CSHS for the remainder of the school day.


    ROANOKE, Va. (WSET) -- Officials in Roanoke report that Cave Spring High School is on a modified lockdown Thursday after a unconfirmed report of a threat on social media.

    They said they received a report of a threatening message on social media, but are unable to verify if the message actually exists.

    According to officials, access to the building is currently restricted.

    Classes are going on as normal, however, outside school access is restricted.

    They are working with police to investigate.

    This is a developing story.

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