Officers in Martinsville on quest to help with concerns, issues in your neighborhood

Martinsville Police Officer Chase Bennett speaks to resident Bud Fuller about concerns he has around his home. (@CourtnyJodonTV)

How safe do you feel in your neighborhood?

The Martinsville Police Department thinks they can do more to protect and serve.

Over the summer you are probably going to see more officers walking door-to-door asking questions like if you feel safe living in your neighborhood.

It's all apart of the Martinsville Police Departments Neighborhood Resource Officer Surveys.

Officers like Chase Bennett are going to each house in Martinsville to hear from you directly.

"Have there been any concerns in the past," Officer Bennett said to resident Bud Fuller. "I know we had some break-ins in the past, some vehicles being gone through a few months ago."

Fuller lives on Ainsley Street and there have been several car break-ins around his house.

"There's been, you know, a few broken into and they're just looking for loose change or radios or whatever they can grab right quick," Fuller said.

He said his car wasn't broken into, but he would still like officers to keep up extra patrols in the neighborhood.

He also said he would like to see a street light be put up right outside his house.

"The front side of my place here is kinda dark at night and I thought about, you know, lighting it up a little bit better make it a little safer... be nice to have one put up," Fuller said.

"We're going to get in touch with maybe utilities and see if there might be a remedy for that problem as well," Officer Bennett said.

So if you have an issue or any concerns, make sure to let the officers know and they can help you out like they are trying to do with Fuller.

The Martinsville Police Department hopes to finish up with the surveys by September. From there, they will analyze all of the data collected and help improve your neighborhoods and the city.

If you have any questions or would like an officer come to your house, call the police department (276) 638-8751.

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