NFL player with Danville roots visits local YMCA

NFL player Trey Edmunds signed autographs and posed with fans to help promote the YMCA's annual campaign. (WSET)

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET)-- Danville native and NFL player Trey Edmunds was all about one thing today: community.

Edmunds returned to his childhood city Monday hoping to be a role model for kids.

"I just try to be an influence, a positive influence at that, just so they can see me and realize 'okay cool. Maybe we can get to where he is. Maybe it is possible. It is attainable," said the New Orleans Saints running back.

Parents and children from the area lined up at the Danville Family YMCA to see Edmunds.

He signed autographs and posed with fans to help promote the YMCA's annual campaign.

He said it is important to help the area you came from.

"Danville being so small of a community, whenever you can see someone doing something positive whether it's in sports, whether it's in school, whether it's in art, whether it's in music, whatever, I like the fact that people can gravitate towards them," Edmunds said.

Edmunds said he is blessed to be in the position he is in and his focus is on three things.

"All I focus on is how I can shape others and what I'm doing for my community and playing ball," Edmunds said.

He added that having kids look up to him is an amazing feeling.

He loves having the ability to help shape those who grew up on the same streets he did.

"These are our future. The kids running around, the people supporting everything like that's the future, so we just try to get out and I try to do what I can for the community," Edmunds said.

Trey Edmunds will be back in the community on March 24th to host his 25 Men in Suits luncheon.

The Save a Suit Foundation along with Edmunds will give suits to several individuals in need.

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