New urban farmers market and teaching kitchen coming to Danville

Where Neapolis Market will be located on North Main Street in Danville (Itinease McMiller)

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) - An urban farmer's market is coming to Danville.

Neapolis Market will also serve as a teaching kitchen.

People will be able to buy everything they need to make a healthy meal at the North Main Street location.

The market is Steve Delgiorno's newest venture.

"The first floor is going to be a urban farmer's market, fresh vegetables just plain simple easy access foods. The secret in this whole thing is the second floor which will be a 35 square foot production kitchen and a teaching kitchen," he said.

Danville City Councilman James Buckner is looking forward to having a new place to experience.

"I think it'll be a great way for a date night you know just plan a date night over there and learn how to cook a meal," he said.

The council approved the special-use permit for the market at their meeting on Tuesday.

"Our mission is really to help transform the food landscape in Danville and we see a lot of gaps that we'd like to try to fill. There is a food desert so we think that a tremendous amount of low income residents will be able to take advantage of a free cooking class," Delgiorno said.

Neapolis Market is expected to open summer 2018.

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