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New mental health crisis center in the Hill City

New crisis center opens at 903 Craddock street in Lynchburg (Credit: Claire Foley/WSET)
New crisis center opens at 903 Craddock street in Lynchburg (Credit: Claire Foley/WSET)
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On Friday, Focus Point Mental Health Services and the Lighthouse Community Center held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new residential crisis stabilization unit in Lynchburg.

The location of the center is 903 Craddock Street.

The goal of the center is to provide a safe alternative to hospitals or incarceration for folks suffering from a mental health crisis. Finny Mathew with the Lighthouse Community Center said that not only is it a great resource for those that are in need of services, but it helps out local law enforcement.

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"If you go to the hospital, you will see 3-4 police officers are put on place to oversee some of these people who are going through mental health issues," said Mathew. When folks are awaiting mental health treatment, like in an Emergency Room, responding officers are required to wait with the patient. "So by having a location like this, they'll be able to take that work away from them so they can be focused on working in the community," Mathew said.

City officials, local lawmakers, law enforcement, and other members of the community joined in on this celebration with Focus Point and Lighthouse, echoing the message "today is a good day", when describing how much a facility like this will mean to the city.

The center will open on March 20 and will be able to serve four patients at a time at this location. All staff will be licensed clinicians.

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