LFD gets new equipment to remind drivers to slow down, move over


    LYNCHBURG, VA. (WSET) -- The Lynchburg Fire Department just got new equipment to make sure you slow down and move over.

    Virginia state laws says you must move over if you see a first responder with their lights flashing while driving.

    That includes police officers, firefighters, and tow truck drivers.

    "Before on a fire call I almost got hit while working the pump handles at a fire," Jamie Maxwell said. "I mean they really almost hit me."

    If you talk to a first responder or a tow truck driver, chances are they have a horror story about a driver who put their lives at risk. That includes Matthew Cash's father, who lost his life from someone not moving over.

    "A tractor trailer come through with little to no disregard with human life on the accident scene and did not see my father standing there and pinned him between his tractor and trailer and our truck," Cash said.

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    Now the fire department is taking matters into their own hands.

    LFD is stocking each fire engine and ladder truck with a speed bump.

    "In a situation where we have a diminished lane where we can divert all the traffic to one lane and we're working in say another lane we can deploy the speed bump across the lane and slow people down," Jennifer Collins, a fire captain said.

    The speed bump is relatively inexpensive, costing less than $300 a piece, and it's easy to use.

    "It's very simple," Maxwell said. "It'll take us less than a minute to get that thing on the road to slow people down."

    The speed bump is safe for your car and an easy reminder to slow down.

    At the end of the day, these men and women are giving their all to make sure we're safe, and all they're asking for in return is a little room to work.

    "Every single time we go out we have close calls," Cash said.

    Maxwell added, "It's scary because I like to go home at the end of the shift and it scares me for my crew because I want my crew to go home at the end of the shift as well."

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