New general education program in Lynchburg College

(Lynchburg College)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - The faculty of Lynchburg College has approved changes to the institution's general education program.

The new program clarifies the purpose of a Lynchburg College education by focusing on preparing students for "responsible engagement in a complex world."

Responsible engagement means broad knowledge as well as career preparation.

Here are a few highlights of the plan:

  • Number of general education credit hours cut to 42 (after previously standing at 51-57, depending on a student's prerequisites)
  • Five key learning goals: breadth of learning, global perspectives, intellectual engagement, personal and social responsibility, and integrated learning.
  • The faculty chose to visually represent the program using an image of the Dell, the grassy lawn at the center of campus
  • The new program was developed over a period of 22 months.

This plan will begin to take effect in the fall of 2019.

Revising the general education program was a critical component of Vision 2020, Lynchburg College's current strategic plan, and an important step in our transition to the experience we will offer as the University of Lynchburg.

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