New affordable compact houses coming to Lynchburg in the next year

Home builders are bringing new affordable compact houses to Lynchburg in the next year. (Photo: Whitney Burney)

LYNCHBURG, Va., (WSET)--- A local father and son are working to bring a new kind of home to the area.

Terry Foley and his son Spenser Foley call the houses compact homes. They're similar to tiny houses only a little bit bigger.

The Foley's are building their first Lynchburg compact home on Windsor Hills Dr.

They say can build the entire frame of the home for about $30,000.

The two have been working on the Windsor hills house for the past 6 weeks. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and can fit full size appliances. They say they worked with engineers in South Florida so the home can also withstand 170 mph winds.

"I wanted anyone to be able to build their own home. Not just the skilled tradespeople who I think are fantastic, anyone with no talent to build their own," said Terry Foley.

Foley plans to finish work on the home in about 4 weeks. He plans to build three more in Lynchburg. In about a year, they'll be selling blueprints and a tool they created. It's called the Lynchpin, named after Lynchburg, that simplifies the home building process.

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