Neighbors near college lake dam concerned about increasing traffic

Neighbors near college lake dam say they are concerned about increasing traffic in the area. (Photo: Whitney Burney)

LYNCHBURG, Va., (WSET)---Neighbors near the College Lake Dam in Lynchburg are concerned about increasing traffic in the area. This after the city closed down a portion of Lakeside Drive.

Neighbors say before the road closure signs were added on Lakeside Drive, the neighborhood was relatively quiet.

They said now they hear horns every hour and they're concerned about constant two way traffic. They said people are driving too fast around the corners of this windy road. Neighbors also said there are semi trucks that take Moorsman Road and they fear the road is not wide enough and eventually there will be an accident.

"I have kids that are here, which they never go close to the road, but it's always something to think about," said Danelle Rucker who lives nearby.

The Department of Public Works said because Moormans Road is a public road, they're not allowed to limit traffic.

Neighbors say the city's traffic division said they will try to get more signs out for drivers who are using Moorman's Road. It will be 6-8 weeks before the city reopens Lakeside Drive.

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