'My son's screaming'; Mother pulls son with Autism from LCS after alleged assault on bus


    LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- A Lynchburg mother says Thursday was the last day her son will ever go to Lynchburg City Schools.

    She's accusing them of abusing her seven-year-old son, who has autism.

    Trenika Massie said her son, Travell, was on the bus on his way home from Perrymont Elementary School when he had an episode and had trouble getting off the bus.

    The next morning, while bathing him, she noticed marks on his head and asked him what happened.

    Travell told her the bus aide hit him.

    She took her concern to Lynchburg City Schools and Thursday morning she says they watched video from the bus.

    "You see her get over in the seat and you can see her arms go back and hitting," Massie said. "My son's screaming. I had to stop watching. I didn't watch the whole thing."

    Massie says she plans to take her son out of Lynchburg City Schools.

    "Well you know our policy is if it's a personnel matter, we don't talk about personnel matters," said LCS Superintendent, Dr. Crystal Edwards.

    Massie claims the school system told her they were wrong and sorry.

    Dr. Edwards would not comment on how they're dealing with the accusation or the aide in question, or even verify that this happened.

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