Mother trying to make a difference in kids' lives after her son tragically died

Avery Edwards tragically died earlier this year while staying with his father and stepmother in Wisconsin (Photo: Lori Edwards)

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- A Danville toddler tragically died earlier this year while staying with his father and stepmother in Wisconsin.

The boy's stepmother, Ellen Tran, is now charged with reckless homicide in Avery Edward's death.

Avery's mother is now trying to use her experience to help make a difference in other kids' lives.

"He loved, loved the books and loved me to read to him," Lori Edwards said. "Sweetest most perfect child ever."

Lori said Avery had a desire to learn early on.

"I would read to him every night," she said. "It would make him so happy. He loved the little touchy, feely books."

Lori is working to help others in honor of her son, Avery.

Court documents show a doctor was concerned about child abuse when Avery died because his injuries did not match the information provided by his stepmother.

Lori said a representative from UsBorne Books asked her about doing a fund to support "Justice for Avery."

80% of each purchase will be donated to the Justice for Avery Fund and all of the books earned from the party will be donated in Avery's name.

"So whatever from the book sales that I would get for free is what I'm having donated," Lori said.

With this donation, Edwards has one goal in mind.

"To be able to help give those to some other children and maybe make them smile a little bit," she said.

She's donating the books to two places; the Wisconsin hospital where Avery died and Alliance Human Services in Danville, that works with foster children.

"A lot of our children come in with nothing," said Dana Lunsford a Clinical Support Specialist with the Alliance Human Services. "In the face of tragedy, someone being willing to give back to others is fantastic, absolutely fantastic."

"They either come from I'm sure bad or rough or sometime abusive situations and I think just to give them something to let them know someone is thinking about them and they are loved," Lori added.

Lori said you can still buy books to support the Justice for Avery movement and kids with Alliance.

You can go here to do so.

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