More than 100 attend One Day, One Voice event to promote gun locks

More than 100 attend One Day, One Voice in Roanoke. (Photo: Annie Andersen)

ROANOKE, Va. (WSET) -- More than a hundred gathered to bring attention to the need for gun locks.

One Day, One Voice started planning their event after the deadly massacre in Florida.

Organizer Dustin Eshelman explained, she needed to do something to help children, but wanted something that could be implemented immediately.

The goal of One Day, One Voice isn't to ban guns.

They simply want people who have guns to lock them up so they aren't accessible to children.

One Day, One Voice hopes to bring attention to the need for gun locks

Today, community members gathered, locking arms to show they are coming together to fight to show the importance of gun locks.

Their message- gun locks save kid's lives.

12 year old Autumn O'Connor said she doesn't see why people don't always use them. She said, "I feel like that doesn't really make sense, because you should just lock them up. It's not that difficult." O'Connor added, "I know my parents do own guns, but I know they lock them safely away because I've never seen them."

One way organizers are describing it is to compare it to seatbelts.

Seat belts were around long before people started really using them, and now lives have been saved because of them.

The event was named One Day, One Voice. But at the event, organizers announced it wasn't just going to be one day, and announced the new name of the group would be Locked Guns Save Kids, because that is their goal.

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