Military family expecting baby evacuates to Lynchburg, scrambles to find doctor

    Kristin McCarthy and her new baby. (Aaron McCarthy)

    LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Hurricane Florence displaced tens of thousands of families.

    Some even made it to our area, including a military family expecting a newborn.

    It has been an ordeal for the McCarthy Family.

    Natural disasters tend to throw lots of things out of whack.

    But fortunately for the McCarthy's, they found everything they needed right here in the Hill City.

    It's been a long week for Aaron McCarthy with a mandatory evacuation from Jacksonville, North Carolina because of Florence.

    "At that time it was category four and it was coming right at us," McCarthy said.

    The McCarthy's took their 1-and-a-half-year-old son, Parker and drove to Lynchburg where they have family.

    His wife Kristen is pregnant too, with September 22 as her due date.

    "We were definitely worried about having our second child somewhere different than we're used to," he said.

    McCarthy says they were concerned Kristen would go into labor on the road, and potential lack of power or running water could make it difficult to find a doctor.

    That's when they jumped on the phone, but the headaches continued.

    "Trying to find someone who either a. took Tricare Health Insurance," he said.

    That's their military insurance.

    They also had trouble finding an OBGYN referral for a doctor who would see them just one time.

    Finally they called Johnson Health Center, who took his military insurance.

    "The doctor that's going to be there, he emphasized on military and helping us out," McCarthy said.

    Dr. William Cook was in the Air Force.

    "I think we ought to serve our military families to the best of our abilities," Dr. Cook said.

    He's happy to help and referred the couple to Virginia Baptist where he delivered the baby.

    "They were nice enough to let me add it onto the end of the day today to do an extra one," Dr. Cook said.

    McCarthy can't wait to meet the newest member of his family...

    They're thankful for the city and the hospital that took his growing family in when they needed it most.

    "It's going to be a long ride, that's for sure," McCarthy said.

    Their baby ended up being delivered Wednesday evening, and it 7 pounds, 7 ounces. Both mom and baby Paisley are healthy.

    McCarthy says he and his family plan to drive back to North Carolina on Sunday.

    As for the flooding, he says they will see how bad it is when they arrive.

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