Midterm Election 2018 results

(MGN Online)

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U.S. Senate

ABC News has projected that Tim Kaine has been reelected to the U.S. Senate.

5th District

CNN has projected that Republican Denver Riggleman has won in the 5th District, beating out Democrat Leslie Cockburn.

6th District

CNN has projected Delegate Ben Cline has won in the 6th District, beating Democrat Jennifer Lewis.

8th District

Joe McNamara is reported to have won the Virginia House of Delegates seat in the 8th District.

9th District

CNN has projected that Morgan Griffith has been reelected to the 9th District. This will be his fourth term as Congressman.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment Question 1

Question 1 was approved according to AP. This amendment dealt with tax exemptions in flood prone area.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment Question 2

Question 2 was approved, according to AP.

Bedford Town Council

Darren Shoen, Steve C. Rush, and Robert T. "Bob" Wandrei have been elected to Bedford Town Council.

Buchanan Town Council

James L. "Jamie" Manspile, Christopher B. Witt, John T. Mays, and Diane B. Di Palma have been elected to Buchanan's Town Council.

Troutville Town Council

H. John Cook Jr., Patricia M. Shaver, Granville E. Grant have been elected to Troutville's Town Council.

Board of Supervisors (Altavista District)

A. Dale Moore has been elected to the Altavista Board of Supervisors.

Brookneal Mayor

James A. "Champ" Nowlin has been elected as Brookneal's mayor.

Brookneal Town Council

Mark A. Wilkes, Barbara M. LaPrade, and Cindy B. Johnson have been elected to Bookneal Town Council.

Halifax Mayor

Dabney T. P. "Dexter" Gilliam Jr. has been elected mayor of Halifax.

Lexington City Council

Dennis W. Ayers, David G. Sigler, and Charles N. "Chuck" Smith have been elected to Lexington City Council.

Martinsville City Council

Jennifer M. Bowles and Daniel T. "Danny" Turner have been elected to Martinsville City Council.

Chatham Town Council

Janet Royster Bishop, Andrew D. Wall, and William P. Black have been elected to Chatham Town Council.

Gretna Town Council

Irvin Wade Perry has been elected to Gretna Town Council.

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