Middle Border Forward plans public art project

Stories of Middle Border Forward

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- One local group is looking to showcase diversity. Middle Border Forward in Danville is working on a community impact project.

The goal -- to show that diversity accentuates the community.

They plan to have an art installation in October featuring 25 different people from Danville, Pittsylvania and Caswell Counties.

Each person can tell their story and their picture is captured through the lens of one of the group's fellows.

Cassie Jones is a Middle Border Forward Fellow, "We want to showcase diversity in all of it's beauty, and so i think part of people understand that is defining what diversity is cause we often think of racial diversity, which is certainly a component but there's so many more things to consider," explained Jones.

Jones added that includes age, disability status, sexual orientation, or profession.

The deadline to submit yourself for this project is August 11th.

To apply, you can head to the Middle Border Forward office on 326 Main Street in Danville, or head to their Facebook page, by clicking here.

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