Members devastated after century-old church burns to the ground

Members of a church community in VA say they plan to rebuild after century-old church burns to the ground (Photo: CNN Newsource via WTVR)

CHESTERFIELD Co., Va. (WSET) -- A church community in Chesterfield County said they are planning to rebuild after a century-old church burned to the ground Monday morning.

"Just a small country church. Been a member all my life," said Scott Philips to WTVR, a lifetime member of Centenary United Methodist. "My parents are buried in the cemetery behind the church as well as other family members."

Sadly, a massive fire broke in the church Monday morning, burning it to the ground.

Chesterfield fire crews said the church was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived around 4 a.m.

They worked for hours to try and put the fire out, but there wasn't much they could do, reported WTVR.

"I could not believe that it was gone since we were just here yesterday. Just devastating," said Ramona Jacobs Winckler, a lifetime member who was baptized and married at the church. "Centenary United Methodist was the little Winterpock country church if you wanted to come to a close, loving homey county church, Centenary was the one to come to."

Members are devastated, but are confident they will move on and rebuild.

Fire officials said it could be days before investigators know the cause of the fire.

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