Meet the Chief in Danville this Saturday

Danville Police Chief Scott Booth and Hakim Abdullah at the Danville Police Department Tuesday. (WSET)

An area leader will play host to the next Meet the Chief event in Danville.

Hakim Abdullah invited Danville Police Chief Scott Booth to his home at 224 Clement Street this Saturday from 1-3 PM.

Abdullah is the leader of Muslim Men in Action in Virginia.

The event will be for people who live on the North side to give them a chance to speak with Chief Booth and other officers.

"Let's talk about what we can do to make our city of Danville a better place," Chief Scott Booth said.

Abdullah and Chief Booth said this is all about being a team.

"The stigma that resides all over this country with police officers, that needs to go away," Abdullah said. "These guys are our friends you know and in order to have true community policing we have to make that affect. When the chief comes up and down the street or one of these officers, they need to know my name, I need to know their name. That's very important."

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