Many questions remain after crime spree weekend in Campbell County

    Dale and Robin Chenault. (Photo provided by family)

    CAMPBELL Co., Va. (WSET) -- There are quite a few tight lips in Campbell County surrounding Tony Kidd's case.

    Friday night was not the first time Kidd had been arrested and charged with assault.

    According to court records, he was charged with assault and battery in October 2003.

    He was later charged with domestic assault and battery in November 2017, then again Friday night.

    His ex-girlfriend Stephanie McKenna told ABC 13 he assaulted her in the two most recent incidents.

    Documents from Campbell County Juvenile and Domestic Court shows Kidd was released from jail Friday night on a $2,500 unsecured bond after being arrested and charged with domestic assault.

    That means no money or collateral was put up to secure his bond.

    ABC 13 asked the magistrate's office how that happened, but they declined their interview, as did the Campbell County Commonwealth's Attorney and the Campbell County Sheriff.

    However, Lynchburg's Commonwealth Attorney Bethany Harrison, who is not involved in the case, did help shed some light as to why a person like Kidd would be released on an unsecured bond given his criminal past.

    "Domestic assault and battery is different than simple assault and battery because if a person is charged with a third or subsequent offense then there's a presumption against bond," Harrison said.

    So according to Harrison, Kidd was released fairly.

    "Even though the conviction may have been on someone who would be considered a family or household member if he was not convicted under that code section, it doesn't count," Harrison said.

    Harrison says magistrates have two main factors they follow when determining bond: whether the person is a flight risk and whether they are an unreasonable danger to themselves or to the public.

    She says no one could have known Kidd would end up being the main suspect in this deadly crime spree.

    Oppositely, the family of Kidd's victims say he should have never been let out of jail.

    Kidd is accused of shooting Robin and Dale in their homes Saturday night, killing Robin and injuring Dale.

    Family say the couple were some of the sweetest people.

    They say they would help anyone in need and unfortunately that's what led them to Saturday's violence.

    They now want answers as to why Kidd got released from jail in the first place.

    "They should have looked at his record and said let's not let him out but they did and now this is what happens," Roxie Chenault said.

    The family says Dale is doing better, but it's going to be a long time before their family fully recovers.

    The Chenault's ask that the community pray for them as they work to move forward.

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