Man catches 6-foot Hammerhead in Outer Banks, released back in ocean

(Frank & Fran's Fisherman's Friend)

AVON, N.C. (WSET) -- An Ohio man fishing in the Outer Banks tugged in a six-foot shark, that more than outweighed him.

Frank & Fran's Fisherman's Friend said Troy Rachel, of Toledo, caught it Monday in Avon, north of Hatteras Island, using cut mullet as bait.

They said it was a Hammerhead that he did end up releasing back into the ocean.

According to the Charlotte Observer, National Geographic reports Hammerheads can live up to 30 years and grow 20-feet long.

The newspaper also quotes a website called North Carolina Coast Watch, which notes that hammerheads have been affected by overfishing off the Carolinas and fishing is now managed by limits on fishing.

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