Lynchburg's state of emergency declaration for flooding could provide future resources

College Lake Dam.jpg

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Lynchburg Water Resources said they found debris on the lake side of the College Lake Dam.

A dive team went out Thursday to assess the area again.

According to Water resources, they are working to remove the debris. Once they are done, they plan to reopen the sluice to allow water to flow towards the James River and Blackwater Creek.

The City Manager said that people and property were in immediate danger due to the flooding and the status last week, so a state of emergency was declared for Lynchburg from August 3 to August 6.

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management said there was no emergency declared by the state.

State emergency managers were in contact with the city last week and neither group felt they needed a significant amount of state resources to help.

But by declaring a state of emergency locally, it does leave that door open.

"It allows me to call for additional helps should we need it from outside our boundaries and it also might make us eligible for other funding from either state or federal resources," said City Manager Bonnie Svrcek.

The city is working with the University of Lynchburg on what's next for the dam and the lake.

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