Lynchburg woman hears splashing inside toilet, lifts lid to find....a rat

Lynchburg resident, Donna Crews, found a rat splashing around in her toilet; her dog ended up killing it (Photo: Donna Crews)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- You've heard the horror stories of creatures lurking in toilets of unsuspecting homeowners.

One Lynchburg woman said what she found in hers might shock you a little bit more.

Donna Crews said she heard something splashing inside her toilet, thinking that it had overflowed, she lifted the lid, and well there was a rat inside.

Crews said she found the rat in her toilet on the most unluckiest day of all: Friday, October 13.

She cleaned it up, and left the bathroom.

"I heard splashing, and I looked in and saw this huge rat trying to come up out of the toilet," she said. "I freaked out. I ran out and shut the door."

Her dog ended up killing it, don't worry he's doing fine, but Crews, on the other hand, is still startled.

"I'm petrified now. I have to keep the toilet seat down and I gently lift it up and look," she said.

Lynchburg Department of Water Resources says rats are attracted to pipes and sewers and the director sais there are some things you can do so the same thing won't happen to you.

"I would just advise people that if they have any trash around the house, they keep that cleaned up," said Tim Mitchell, the Department of Water Resources director.

Mitchell said they've heard of rats in the pipes and sewers, but rarely ever inside a house.

Crews said she bought a pitch fork over the weekend, calling it a "sewer skewer."

If you notice rats in sewers near you, call water resources and they will bait the lines to trap the rats and Crews also recommends you keep the lid down so if you have any unexpected guests, they don't get into the rest of your house.

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