Lynchburg woman has license plates stolen twice, offers important advice

Amy Wiley say her car license plates have been stolen twice. (Photo: Marissa Parra)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- According to Lynchburg Police, they have received 16 reports of license plates beings stolen since October 1.

They said they have recovered 3, but 13 are still missing.

Amy Wiley had her car's license plates stolen twice.

"At first it was just the first license plate, and the second time it was in an auto shop being fixed and both license plates were stolen," she said.

In Wiley's case, both of her plates were stolen years ago in Amherst County.

"It was very frustrating because it's almost like an invasion of your privacy. Your car is part of your life and somebody messed with it,"Wiley said.

For those who may wonder what to do if it happens to them, Wiley noted to call police first.

"Then I went to Lynchburg DMV and put new license plates for $10. It's a hassle," she recalled.

Filing a report is also an important step to take. It allows police a chance to get in their record in case they come across the stolen plates on a car involved in a crime.

Now with the new cases of stolen tags, Wiley said she is rethinking her options.

"I felt like I wanted to weld the plates to my car but i figured I might change my license plates sometime," she said.

Lynchburg Police mentioned that situations such as this is a good reason to make sure you know your license plate number and do a regular check-up.

They said they have not made an arrest yet in these cases.

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