Lynchburg, Southside, Roanoke should prepare for heavy rain on Sunday, Monday


LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- We will avoid the worst flooding and wind in the ABC-13 area, but heavy rain will increase as Florence moves toward Virginia.

While we should avoid major flash flooding, we can’t let our guard down. A few flood related warnings will be possible. Southside and the mountains of SW Virginia will be most susceptible to flash flooding.

No problems are anticipated through Saturday. Only a few passing showers will occur on Friday and Saturday, and you can expect mostly cloudy to overcast conditions.

We will also have three days of wind: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Most of Friday’s rain totals will be under 0.25”. Rain totals up to 1” are possible Saturday, with a few higher amounts across Southside.

The heaviest rain will fall on Sunday and Monday. Most rainfall totals will be in the 2” to 4” range.

Power outages are possible. Wind gusts of 25mph to 40mph will occur on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For most spots, the strongest wind will occur Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Due to the strong wind, temperatures may feel cool to you with highs in the 70s.

The rain lifts out of our area on Tuesday.

We return to "normal" September weather by Wednesday and Thursday. – George

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