Lynchburg says goodbye to lock bridge due to safety concerns

Some of the locks set to be removed (WSET).

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- The city of Lynchburg may be getting rid of one of its most loved sights.

The sight in question is the lock wall on Pervicals Isle in downtown Lynchburg.

The Department of Public Works says they received complaints about people cutting into the fencing. These cut out holes are pretty big.

The city says putting the locks on the fencing is technically prohibited, but everyone has grown to love the locks so much so they've allowed it.

City officials say they're not sure why people are cutting the locks off but the holes are a safety hazard.

"If somebody were to get tangled in it, or there were sharp edges where the fence was cut, so we felt the need to do something with it sooner rather than later," Clay Simmons from the Department of Public Works said.

The Department of Public Works says they're not sure what will go in the walls place.

They say they are working on ways to preserve the locks.

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