Lynchburg Planning Commission approves rezoning for HumanKind

The Lynchburg Planning Commission held a public hearing Wednesday at 4 p.m. and voted to approved the rezoning application for HumanKind

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - The Lynchburg Planning Commission approved a rezoning application 5-2 for HumanKind Wednesday.

HumanKind is asking to rezone part of their land from residential to institutional so they can make several updates.

Some include replacing their decades-old pool and adding two new playing fields. During the last planning commission meeting in February several expressed concerns about traffic and land use.

HumanKind then made several changes to their application, including installing sports netting around the two fields, not building bleachers and adding signage warning drivers to obey the speed limit laws.

"I think it was good to see the neighbors talking among themselves, as I mentioned in the meeting I think there was more dialog in the last few weeks than there has been in a while," Lynchburg Planniong Commission Chairman, Dave Perault said.

The director of communications at HumanKind, Ashleigh Karol, said she thinks they have made a lot of progress.

"I think we have opened a dialog and we will keep that dialog going," Karol said. "We want to find a solution that meets the needs of the community, but also helps others feel better about what we are doing."

HumanKind will next meet with city council, but that meeting has yet to be scheduled.

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