Lynchburg parents react to e-cig "JUULing" in schools


LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- If you take a stroll inside just about any high school, you expect to see things like books, backpacks and thumb drives.

Students are not allowed to have things like cigarettes, e-cigarettes and vaporizers. So, parents ABC 13 spoke with were surprised to hear about JUULing.

A JUUL is not exactly what parents and teachers had in mind in terms of digital storage. It's a vaporizer: a cigarette alternative meant for adults.

A starter kit costs about $50.00 and comes with four flavor pods. Just one pod has as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. All of it can blend right into a child or teen's environment, or be easily hidden.

"They have video games, and computers, tablets and cell phones, so seeing it laying around or sitting in a basket full of toys, I wouldn't know the difference." Matthew Miller, a Lynchburg parent.

"As a parent, now we have to go through and suspect everything that our kids have as something that was designed to circumvent our authority and our guidance? That doesn't make sense," said Marion Dorsett, another parent.

Parents have said this is a lot to inhale, so to speak, but it's another reminder to keep an eye on your kids' activities.

"Parents need to be the first response. We need to take action and make sure that our kids don't have that stuff," Dorsett said.

And another parent, Carmela Greer, has an idea to beat them at their own game.

"A better way to go would be for the school to provide the children with their thumb drive, so that they all look alike, and they won't be mistaken for something else," Greer said.

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