Lynchburg native stands guard as President Bush lies in state at Capitol Rotunda

Lynchburg native Jessie Farinholt, a member of the Coast Guard, stands guard over President George Bush as he lies in state at the Capitol Rotunda. Farenholt is pictured left of former First Lady Laura Bush. (photo screenshot: April Rickey)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- A Lynchburg native had the honor of standing guard at the Capitol Rotunda, as President Bush lied in state.

Jessie Farinholt has been a member of the Coast Guard Honor Guard for a little more than a year.

She graduated with an environmental science degree from the University of Lynchburg.

She was selected out of boot camp and did plenty of training preparing for this honorable occasion.

They stood for 30 minutes, rotating every couple of hours.

"It was one of the greatest honors I think I'll ever have in my life, and my whole family is so excited, my parents, my friends," Farinholt said.

She said it's the best job she'll ever do in the Coast Guard.

Farinholt said she's working over the next year toward a Marine Science Technician job with the branch.

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